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Saving Pets Lives is not your typical animal rescue organization.  We believe we can best achieve our goal, making Houston No-Kill, by helping shelters directly.  We partner with local shelters striving to become No-Kill by outsourcing  certain functions such as Adoptions, Foster and Volunteer programs.

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We manage several online fundraisers throughout the year to fund specific projects including veterinary bills, community outreach and shelter improvements. We also have an annual event called the "Fashion Faux Paws" hosted by Theresa from 94.5 the Buzz. See our Event Page for more info.

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 Our focus on animal welfare doesn't stop at the shelters.  We also sponsor programs to help deserving families keep their animals when they are down on their luck until they can relocate to a place that allows their pets to join them.  

We also support local causes in and around the Houston area.  If you see someone wearing a shirt with our logo, please come up and introduce yourself.  We would love to meet you!

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